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Accessibility for Justice

Access To Justice

Since 2005 Direct Access has worked across the entire judiciary system. Our audits of courtrooms ensure provision is in place for all participants from hearing loop systems for deaf people to accessible toilet facilities.

The accessibility of the seating for the jury, witnesses and defendants are key elements as well as the custodial areas.
Within our prison system the key areas of focus are the visitation areas and accommodation housing disabled prisoners. As our population ages, the prison population is getting older creating more access challenges. Our clients include a range of custodial sites including high category facilities.

Accessibible Police Services

A growing area of work is with the police services ensuring that the public are able to seek and obtain assistance from the police when they need it the most.

We have worked with both police stations and neighbourhood police desks within local authority premises across the country. We advise on how custody suites can combine both security and accessibility for those that require it.