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Accessibility for Deaf Community

Unique Partnership With SignSolutions

Direct Access Consultancy are pleased to announce unique partnership with SignSolutions company to provide all aspects for the Deaf community and making sure all services are accessible for all.

Since 1998, Sign Solutions has established itself as Britain’s leading provider of interpreting support services for Deaf people. Providing a vast range of communication professionals for Hard of hearing, Deaf, and DeafBlind. in any domain, be it legal, business, medical, educational, conference, community or even theatre.

Face-To-Face Communication Support

People who are deaf use various methods of communication, British Sign Language (BSL) is the first or preferred language of around 150,000 people within the UK. BSL/English Interpreters provide the indispensable service of facilitating communication between Deaf and hearing people.

InterpretersLive enables on demand access 24/7/365 to RSLI and NRCPD registered BSL Interpreters, facilitated via the Starleaf app. The service provides a cost effective and immediate interpreting solution.

It is used for communication at work, or for instant communication with Deaf people, so that they experience equal access to products, services and work.


BSL InterpretersLive! Video Service

Our Video Interpreting Service includes a Video Relay Service (VRS) and a Video Remote Interpreter (VRI) and is an on-demand service of real-time access to qualified and registered British Sign Language Interpreters. There are numerous benefits to this service. It enables an increase in general availability of people and services; the removal of unexpected delays and their consequences; a drastic reduction in the overall interpreting cost, and a reduction in our carbon footprint due to no travel being necessary.

The flexible monthly bundles of minutes, and low set up fee, enable Deaf people to make calls to third parties, communicate in meetings and appointments, as well as enabling hearing people to call Deaf clients.

Our service offers the benefits of both quality and clarity; it has the ability to conduct video calls through our high speed connections. Our interpreting is furthermore delivered using point to point encryption. We are capable of delivering Sign Language (including BSL and ASL) remotely to anywhere in the world.


BSL Translations

BSL Translations are available in multiple formats and are all professionally filmed and edited in recording studios, using native BSL professionals. British Sign Language translations are required to insure that the English content of a document is fully understood by the recipient.

Publications Translations, examples include website pages, Brochures, leaflets, consultation documents and legal documents BSL in-vision translations. Examples include overlaying existing videos with English subtitles and BSL interpreter, ensuring that the video is then accessible for all.

Expert Witness Reports

Direct Access in partnership with Sign Solutions are able offer a dedicated Expert Witness service. We can provide CVs from the leading UK experts in the fields of Sign Language Interpreting, Translation and Deafness.

Why is the service important?

It is inevitable that interpreters will make mistakes, and it is still the case that some unqualified people will accept work in legal settings or work alone for long periods of time. Any insight into cultural and interpreting issues that arise may assist a jury or a judge in administering a trial.

Where we come in,

Defence teams and courts are frequently asking us to provide accurate transcripts of police video interviews with Deaf people. We also provide consultant psychiatrists, psychologists and expert social workers in the field of Deafness who are able to provide reports for children, adolescents and adults in a range of family and criminal court cases. In additional to interpreting in the court room, Deaf lip-reading experts can provide opinion on covert CCTV tapes or broadcast television. Recent examples of work include lip-reading for parliament and even the premier league football field.

Continuing Professional Development Training

We are able to tailor all of our courses to suit your organisation’s bespoke needs including content, class size, location etc.

Our offices are situated in the Midlands, therefore we are ideally based to travel anywhere in the country and deliver our award-winning training services at your premises, regardless of address. This flexible option can often produce a more cost-effective outcome for the receiving organisation, and this is why we encourage it wherever possible.

Deaf Awareness Training

We can offer either a half-day course, or the learning can be spread over a whole day with more time spent on communication tactics to enhance the learning experience.

This course will be delivered by one of our Deaf tutors supported by a Sign Language Interpreter. The training can take place at your premises, or if you prefer we can offer our own training rooms (in Alvechurch, Birmingham) if you do not have a suitable venue.

The training will cover the following areas:

General information about Deafness, Cultural background of the Deaf community, Understanding what is meant by “discrimination” – the barriers to communication commonly experienced by the Deaf and how to overcome them. What technological aids are of assistance to the Deaf.

How to communicate effectively. Basic fingerspelling & BSL signs (hand-outs and fingerspelling cards are provided) The main Deaf Organisations and the use of BSL Interpreters. Additional BSL signs specific to your organisation (if required)